“Bio” …21 February 2017

The last time I saw Albert…
we were carpooling to & from our workplace
claims-taking for the unemployed

I guess I came to know of him quite well
thru our small-talk in the car
He was a learn’d man of many achievements
He was living wild for the love of a young woman
His daughter was appalled at the transformation
And then, as things grew more complex:

Al became critically ill,
and regrettably,
I wasn’t able to visit his bedside
before he drew his last breath

To Speak of the Wrongs

I’ve been a student of life
for all of my life
and I can’t count the number of days
since I first knew of you
& the castle you built on my turf
now just so much dirt under the rug
woven of gaiety & mirth,
with threads carefully chosen
for strength under heavy traffic,
the time growing shorter
in which to make lasting amends
in a rush to right the wrongs
equipped with sometimes-questionable courage