Building Blocks

This is the post excerpt.


Toying with thoughts that cross my mind from the Ether


Maitland Art Center, Maitland FL USA


Come from nowhere
we’ve a long road yet ahead
following the sound of drums
in celebration of a new camp
which will rise overnight
foraging the land for sustenance
before we lay to rest

On Your Mark

Ready… Set… Go…
and I paint the way back
to the beginnings of this & then that
‘darkness, darkness, be my friend again’
to the tune of a Nightingale
beneath a lazy midnight Moon

I come seeking answers to the same old questions
asked & unanswered
at least a dozen times, maybe more
trying to probe your mind
even if it means I’m slowly driving you insane

Circles Under Your Eyes

Adhering to the Rules of Fair Play
as my own referee in the game
… somewhere truth & lie combine …

I’m in for a rough ride to the top
led by a ruthless guide
to where honesty is the golden key
unlocking the door on what just must be
when the fruit ripens to full maturity,
as organically superior sustenance,
running circles around the Man in the Moon
in a turbulent state of affairs
repeatedly blown off course
in the ruling Sea of Memory
… as emotions rise & fall accordingly …

I’m missing Ya’ll…

I have a lot [bunches] of business & pleasures occupying the majority of my do’s & don’ts, and besides, Bob’s been spending hours at my computer on a project…  And when it comes down to the bottom line, I haven’t been blessed with much time & drive to devote to reading…

I hope to get over my slump, but today I certainly can’t say when…

Wishing ya’ll good times of love & laughter –