Spiritual Guides

Looking forward or Back
… it’s all a blur …
Goals remain Unchanged
… not to mention, a bit deranged …
I adhere to my Principles
… woven into the grid of fine fashion …

First and Foremost
… have I got your attention …
And last but not Least

Can you harness the wild Beast
that has taken up residence
within me
… domesticated by your Midas touch …

Germ Warfare -by Robert Gardner

Declaring rebellion to a callous God,
To technical wizards in The Land of Odd,
A new born alliance of parasites bounced
Against the octagonal side of their cage,
Immune to the power of human rage
To misdirect their nights and days –
Now told what Pentagon Generals would do
If all their aunts and uncles, too,
Decided they should disobey,
And murder only a town per day,
They twisted every prison bar,
Broke every petri dish in sight,
And then slipped past the prison guard
And vanished in the autumn night.


Copyright 2017 Robert Gardner