Endurance & Tolerance

I’m being denied, on trial, before the judge
waiting on Perry Mason to sort out the puzzle
for vindication from false charges
leaving me, in the long run, untouchable


Getting a Good Look

Taught myself to always try to play fair,
to withhold judgment till after due consideration…
Yet, some people, ya just know at a glance,
fit nowhere in your dreamscape…

First impressions tell a little or a lot,
is your face real or shrouded in plastic…

Some reveal their soul with one look
and can blossom in the palm of your hand,
a welcome addition to fond memories…

Insanity’s Storybook

Sugar-coated reality
compressed between my ears
too rich for expression
too poorly shaped
needing some work to work
hesitant to breathe a word of it

Maybe it’s all in-my-head
a dead-end in the end
last call for alcohol
closing time
at the local club

So much I can’t expect to carry thru on
but, oh how I do try
sure of my happiness
whether I win or lose
playing harmless little games
in my head