Multiple Theosophies

Strung up by the thumbs
I carry a heavy heart
more than my total body weight
more complex than Rubik’s Cube
further complicated beside an unmarked grave
waiting for my immortal soul
to join its restless inhabitant
… if not now, then when

Can there be only one conclusion
… singular, all the same for one & all?
I have my serious doubts
maybe we Are what we Believe
for so many followers can’t all be in the wrong
… there must be subsects, provinces
& intermingling of the greatest thoughts
into a cohesive whole

Author: Emma Beane

"My history is still one of those mysteries I struggle with every day..." - [ebeane] ... All original works Copyright Emma Beane

8 thoughts on “Multiple Theosophies”

      1. Candice – You are so kind – you give me hope that what I think is actually heard & taken to heart…
        My best thoughts are always with you & your word-works…!! ❤


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