Scarred for Life

I heard it on the radio today
– a blast from the past –
Remembrances flood the room
– permutations cluttering my mind –
“Good grief, Charlie Brown”
– wounded again –


Repetitive Necessity

To inhale & exhale
takes no inventive inspiration
no glorious thought process
no training or laborious book-learning
– what it does require is a concerted will to live –
after somewhat lengthy soul-searching
and a limited power of deductive reasoning

Sing-a-Song Beat

Live a lot ‘n Love a lot
Live a lot ‘n Love a lot
Give it all you got

You can’t blame a gal for tryin’
to lay claim to one’s sanity
when the past comes a-callin’
layin’ blame on uncertainty

The present finds me contented
with love aplenty & then some to spare
showering gratitude far & wide

On Higher Ground

Can’t hold back the tears of my suffering
desperately in need of some mothering
Responsibility doesn’t come cheap
Hopefully all I need is some sleep
to strike an acceptable balance
between business & pleasure
where laughter & pain meet
on a winning streak
finding contentment on Easy Street
once all is said and done