Temporary ‘Readers’

Had to postpone surgery due to illness – devised temporary reading glasses – hey, whatever works…
Won’t get Rx glasses till early in May… surgery scheduled for two weeks from now



Overtly Complex

Learned a lesson
Taught a lesson
Photographs without a camera
Sounds without a score
No backup bringing up the rear
No advance guard

Seems there’s no happy medium
merging priorities & demands
weighed against fanciful plans
vying for dominance
and a helping hand for guidance
can’t hold me to a hasty promise


2nd cataract surgery is just around the corner –

… will be back later on

So until then –



Thinking has made a nuisance of itself
prone to worry – not much levity
condoning solutions somewhat incomprehensible
– I just don’t have the wherewithal to think it thru –
So I settle for ‘good enough’
knowing full well
it’s not the last I’ll hear of the problem
– I make the complex a little bit simpler –


All those we hold dear…

Endearment is the aim of the game
no simpler achievement to gain
camaraderie among trusted friends
casual acquaintances nourishing a day
with a little umph & a coat of fresh paint


Incidental Strangers

Insufficient data
Overabundant chatter
Misguided resolutions

Attendant discussions
Redundant failures
Privacy’s salty tears

No hard evidence
Futility’s rival
Stasis triumphant


Don’t think I never cried for You

… some things I always take seriously …
ready to put on a show of good faith
but I do-so-adore a good laugh & its sound
when the feelings inside must come out
Reminiscing over the Facts
I hope we can Laugh
… Will I ever reach beyond my Past …