Chances Are Hard to Resist

When opportunity knocks
best let it walk thru the door,
running scared ain’t no way in or out

I’ve played the part tailor-made for me
groomed from childhood in how to act,
to take the fall when destiny called
defaming my name & reduced to a crawl
left balking at authority when it’s unjust,
leaving some business unfinished

I’ve gotten in & out of trouble
employing my wit,
sometimes I just sit & stare
reducing my thoughts to printed pages,
rambling & gambling with my life
but ready for a walk in the park

Playing for high stakes or petty cash,
sometimes I win & sometimes not,
but it’s all a part of games of chance,
with the devil tugging at my sleeve
as I serve a higher god & his goals
when chances are hard to come by


Author: Emma Beane

"My history is still one of those mysteries I struggle with every day..." - [ebeane] ... All original works Copyright Emma Beane

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