Diabolical Restraint

I spring back with renewed vigor
when life deals me a heavy blow
and I’m feeling unavoidably detained
With love on my side I needn’t hide
for this makes one stronger by association

I sometimes lose confidence
and you lend me an ear, Dear
for my battles are not fought for myself alone
and won’t be won without strategic veracity
and a healthy fear of the unknown

Living Within My Means

I’ve a multitude of excuses
to avoid the questions of excess
It seems facts exclude reason
for the truths I choose to extol

From the beginning I was misguided
down the illusory path to Eden
when freedom of thought led to applause
and we were all fighting for a worthy cause

Thriving on opportunity in the workplace
my vision became clouded with doubt
and time whizzed by in leaps & bounds
self-serving & deceptively mispronounced

Bob’s Water Park -by Robert Gardner

‘Like a Merman I swam through a seaweed field,
(I avoided the lobsters in heat)
Then I tried to converse with a coral reef
As a crab took a nip at my feet,
Then I heard a tale from a passing whale
As he danced with a peaceful shark,
It was all just one more radiant day
At my own little Water Park –
Well, the seaweed said it was feeling sad
As the lobsters made some bets,
On which of their friends would end-up dead
In the fisherman’s frightening nets,
And the coral reef just kept its peace
As the crab attempted to smile
At the tale of the whale whose tail was almost
Half a nautical mile! –
Well, the shark he laughed
Then hurtled past,
s I strummed a mandolin,
When you’re with your friends
Depression ends
And even a tuna can grin.’