on sabbatical

… till Heaven-knows-when


“Bio”… Florida-Based

After moving from Mother’s home,
I bounced from place to place,
to gain an advantage
of one kind or another,
to suit my changing taste

Once I even left state,
eager for a change of view
Dissatisfied & filled with doubt,
pregnant & in failing health,
I executed a turnabout

At 50 I finally settled down,
purchasing a home of my own
& started plotting for retirement,
no longer a rolling stone
wandering from home to home


Preprogrammed to speculate
with a coded sequence to activate
privacy for sustenance
building new trust & confidence
in spiritual matters of the heart
no one’s foolish confidante
seeking secrets to longevity
by a different methodology
mysterious in nature & application
like squeezing juice from rotten fruit


Top Dog in My Neighborhood

I don’t bite
but my bark serves me well
so things go my way,
serious when I wanna be,
playful by necessity,
adventuresome at heart,
and my smarts get me by
in tight situations,
creative by nature & circumstance


Longing to Know Peace

I rise
I fall
I heed the call
& ignore the warning signs of defeat
tempted to slip out of sight
to be absorbed by the night
one small particle in the giant puzzle of life


What’s to Be Gained

Harvesting the proceeds of seedlings
nurtured over time
tending my imaginary garden
fertilized & pruned to perfection
elements of nature coming into play
– sun, rain & fair weather, to name a few –
blood, sweat & tears common factors
with everything to gain for the asking



Taking Things in Stride

Have held the advantage in many a game
only to be bested by lesser men in the end
stripped of my pride & cast aside
incomplete without my dignity