A Case of Arrested Development

If I choose not to participate
catch me if you can
a woman in need of understanding
a sucker for a good joke
a lady in wait
hearing the footfall of a marching band
echoing on golden sands
of time immemorial


In My Room

A dream inside a dream
a pictorial escape from the mundane
pressured to succeed
my back firmly pressed against the wall
faithfully accepting of my lot in life


Tickle Me, Elmo

What a pickled state of mind I find myself in
full of apprehension
looking for the silver lining in a cloudless sky
jostled & overturned by Cousin Time
looking to the gods for self-approval


Second Childhood

I thought I might spare you my negativity
but I’m easily drawn asunder into shades of grey
My steps are labored with pain, my mind clouded by doubt
& I can’t see clearly beyond the nose on my face
… seems every day has its responsibilities hanging fire …
I’m worried, concerned & short on patience
with the needs of a helpless child
quickly losing my sense of independence
each day more difficult than the last



Free to choose,
choose wisely,
gathering thoughts haphazardly
feeling worse for the effort,
hindered  in my flight
by suspicion’s relentless hold on me
that I can’t do anything right



The recording begins,
“This is ‘My Advocate’…”

Were I to choose to accept the call I’d like to interject,
“Whadda ya want now? I’m not in the mood!”

So I consider it best I just disconnect…


Heads Will Roll

I’m suffering miserably physically
leaving me emotionally defeated
& incapable of reasonable reactions
Suspect interactions surface
rational thinking somewhat compromised
bearing my burdens ungraciously
acting like a rebellious child
while trying to regain a workable balance
to protect my good image from irreparable damage