Standing by the Wayside

My mind has come once again
to the point where I question my every action
– including supporting my blog

My thoughts have lost their color
I see only black, white & gray
– in every little thing I do, write or say

Caught up in the throes of depression
I monitor each & every thought
before I commit to paper, avoiding rash acts
until my mind can be spared
this cloud of doom, gloom & despair


I’m missing Ya’ll…

I have a lot [bunches] of business & pleasures occupying the majority of my do’s & don’ts, and besides, Bob’s been spending hours at my computer on a project…  And when it comes down to the bottom line, I haven’t been blessed with much time & drive to devote to reading…

I hope to get over my slump, but today I certainly can’t say when…

Wishing ya’ll good times of love & laughter –