Contrary to Popular Opinion

When I lost focus I gained insight
exchanging exterior thought for inner perspective
and I’m thinkin’, maybe…
our devils may try to lure us into depravity
where pleasures derive from atrocities
with extremes of immoral acts
… for all is not beautiful in the devil’s garden …


And that’s Just the Start

I promise we’ll laugh
– and laugh well!
Well, what can I say
– don’t you want it that way?

We’ll play head games
– with people on our street
We’ll be obedient and kind
– to those of our kind

We’ll make peace
– where peace is possible
And we’ll light fires
– in many a heart

Engineered Stumbling Blocks

In dewy-eyed pursuit of the improbable dream
crossing over the joining bridge
standing statuesque
poised at the entrance to Paradise

Manipulating fact & fancy
based on a whim & a whisker
neutral in the fury of chance & choice
laborious & draining on the ego

When all is fashioned in black & white
revealing comely future endowments
would you not choose to follow
a finely choreographed chain of events?

My home is my fortress with all its comforts
an impregnable wall of defense
an ice palace on a chilly night
to be warmed in the light of a brighter day

Homogeneous Whole

As wo-of-man, born of his bone, and
possessing his strength & endurance
I’ve mistaken affirmations for lies, as if
preachings of ones leading me into Hell’s inferno

At my right hand is my viper ready to strike
with concern for my survival
and the sanctity of our lives on Earth
sculpted by the hands of eternal youth
responding to the cries of the holy