And that’s Just the Start

I promise we’ll laugh
– and laugh well!
Well, what can I say
– don’t you want it that way?

We’ll play head games
– with people on our street
We’ll be obedient and kind
– to those of our kind

We’ll make peace
– where peace is possible
And we’ll light fires
– in many a heart


In High Spirits

Deliver me to be born anew
into the crystalline morning dew
with its regenerative refreshment
for what grows in earthen soil, and
feeds the human Spirit, and
stabilizes one’s soul to restore due dignity
and grant us the Midas Touch

Homogeneous Whole

As wo-of-man, born of his bone, and
possessing his strength & endurance
I’ve mistaken affirmations for lies, as if
preachings of ones leading me into Hell’s inferno

At my right hand is my viper ready to strike
with concern for my survival
and the sanctity of our lives on Earth
sculpted by the hands of eternal youth
responding to the cries of the holy

Like Honey to the Bee

Pulling the rug out from under me
ridiculing my fantasies
belittling my worth

Spent many a year chasing after marks,
predisposed to natural growth,
in pursuit of ultimate truth

Wrapped up in personal bias,
literal bonds invigorate the status quo
just as time comes and goes in increments
and like experience also knows

So alone in my memories
I prove the true value of friendship
and the almighty power of attraction

The Ultimate in Spirituality

How should I begin to explain – am I alone in believing in the universal domain? Hard Fact or Good Fiction… [circa 1974]

I had been hearing song lyrics on the radio – and I understood. I was intrigued – and ‘insanely’ curious. In an attempt to find out what I could I paid $3 for a ticket to attend a concert by one such singer/songwriter, performing at what was then the Orlando Sports Stadium. The band was playing to a full house that night… I don’t remember the year, but it pre-dated any of my mental breakdowns (during and after 1976). I went to the show alone on what would prove to be a fateful and life-altering night…

I stared at the man intently with a scowl in my eyes, like “how dare you disturb my peace of mind?” He seemed to ‘feel’ me and returned my gaze, and cautiously raised a hand to his temple – I returned the gesture and two minds became as one… I was dumbstruck by feelings of intense pleasure from the Great Ocean of Time – at first head-to-head, then deeper, with emotions of tender shared sensitivity coursing through body and soul…

After the show I saw a roadie and asked if I might go backstage – he denied me the chance. I thought that maybe I should wait. I did wait a short while – the crowd was thinning and quickly dwindling, leaving the stadium half-full behind me and I was alone where I was, and feeling prone. I was confused and lacking in confidence that to stay would appear to be my only option – a young woman, not much more than a child myself, I chose not to be the last car in the dirt parking lot – I was driving a TR-3. I reluctantly turned and walked away…

That indelible marking quickly went to work in changing my outlook on life. And I know it’s true that my past cannot be undone – nor my wonder…

Endearing Terms of Behavior

With a heavy heart, I’m trying to right the wrongs
of so many yesterdays in sorrows’ crossings…
I’m shaking things up on my end
to see what falls out from the other…

I can always rely on Dear Robert for hearty laughter
when I feel the ground opening up from under,
my safety net for my acrobatic acts,
before I fall further thru the cracks
of a shaky foundation underfoot
and I’m left feeling ready for the Rubber Room