Doting on You Today, Dear

Cupid hit my heart dead-on with his dart,
when first we met there could be no doubt
you’d always do right by me
& magic was in the air

You keep me laughing when I feel like crying
breathe new life into me when I feel like I’m dying,
tell the truth when I’m feeling like lying
& set me straight when I bungle a job

You comfort me when I’m on the mend,
correct me before I hit ‘send’,
brighten my mood when I’m feeling blue
& enlighten me when I haven’t a clue



You taught me everything I’ve come to know with certainty
& had my back in moments of abject uncertainty
You’ve been my angel of mercy in the most troubling times
& held my hand when balance eluded my grasp
up to the task of my rising instability

When life left a bad taste on my tongue
you served me sweet nothings from the garden of delights
Throughout these many years you’ve been the best man
for the job of loving the real me, suited to a T
ever reliable & sincere in your generous affections

The Fervor of My Ways

Why oh why – do I cry dry tears
times I can’t be with you

Why oh why – do I hide
from sums that don’t compute

Why oh why – do I mumble
thoughts that don’t conform

Why oh why – do I beg of science
to cure me of my ills

Why oh why – do I surmise
that which can’t be proven

– and –

Why oh why – be guided by
antiquated precepts


Surrounded by opposing forces
safe within my humble fortress
guarded against the devilish entanglements
preying on my peace of mind
like vultures are wont to do

Have had my fill of dissatisfaction –

I so enjoy the quiet hours
lying by your side, my Darling
after a trying day of rousing achievement,
putting disappointments on the back burner
‘til tomorrow, when seen in a different light