Surrounded by opposing forces
safe within my humble fortress
guarded against the devilish entanglements
preying on my peace of mind
like vultures are wont to do

Have had my fill of dissatisfaction –

I so enjoy the quiet hours
lying by your side, my Darling
after a trying day of rousing achievement,
putting disappointments on the back burner
‘til tomorrow, when seen in a different light


Bob’s Quite a Character

I call him Robert – for effect
& in jest
Bobbin – & he makes a whirring sound
Doctor Robert – to suit the question
The Gardner Twins – to which I hear, uh-huh… uh-huh…
Baby Bithlo – he whines & we might speak of dirty diapers
Doctor Spartacus – from a prior nom de plume

And we recite crazy lyrics all day long
in conversational tone
exercising our poetic skills

There it is in black & white
– all in great fun –
and admittedly, I’m having a blast