Given Freely

I’ve been sentenced to love you
and I’m happy to oblige
It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy
and it didn’t cost me one damn dime

I’ve got no religion
conversing directly with the gods
while running from the devil
in his singular disguise

Before you held me
I was scraping the bottom of the barrel
within terrible restraints
and running out of time
Funny how things go
when you can’t sink any lower

Where Less Is More

Without a minute to lose
I ready to cruise,
left somewhat dazed
as I embark on the next phase

Feeling my suppositions oh-so-right
I pass the day contemplating the nights
spending time with no other than you,
shrugging off negative sentiments of the cruel
crossing my path, to unsettle me no more
as I hear your key in the door
marking your return entrance into my world

Here & Now

Turning my attention to the present,
my motives are purely adventuresome
sensational, compelling & fully matured
forming little by little & piece by piece
in accordance with the natural order of things,
your love so endearing & oh so sweet, Darling,
your gold-plated heart, mine from the start
& I’ll say it again, I’m yours as long as you’d like


The color of love must be green, you say
for it grows like a winding vine
It must be multi-colored, I say
like ripened fruit we pluck from that vine
The color of sweet wine
pressed from the grape
No, I say it’s white
for its purity shown in the afterglow
And it’s also bright gold
like the sun after a cleansing rain
A mellow yellow
And surely red
like life’s blood coursing thru our veins

© 2015