Steady As She Goes

Like it or lump it, I’m here to have my say,
improvising lines on the play-ground of life
in my most peculiar way,
trying not to appear bitter
& unwilling to conceal my inner strength,
milking life for all it’s got to offer
before I succumb to fate

And if pushed beyond reasonable tolerances,
I come back ready for a fair fight, clinging to my pride
until the worst is over
& normalcy returns to the kingdom


In a Nut Shell

My days are riddled with ifs, ands & buts,
wisely idealistic, though more realistically chewin’ the fat,
certifiably insane – some would say nuts
putting trust in standard rules of behaviour,
a slave to my musings and hoping for a miracle

Men/Women composed of strong moral fibre,
busy at their respective labors
making money to live on
in support of essential needs & desires,
the driving force behind change for the better

Leave ‘Em While You’re Laughing

May I never surrender a moment prematurely
– have studied how to have it my way –

I’ve a flair for dramatics
– I like it that way –

Comedy – harmony – battle ax by name
building up to the climax
– styled in my own way, shape or form –
proceeding on better terms than before
– clearly understood for my efforts –