The Idealist That I Am

I’ve been deceived by the best
and put to the tests of time
twiddling my thumbs, scheming in stages
When Mr Moon is full
and there’s a chill in the air
I haven’t a care in the world

Here, the summer season is long
and I’m not feeling all that strong
hibernating where it’s cooler inside
spinning a yarn of mammoth proportions
contemplating the power of words
daydreaming we could change our world

What I mean to say…

A tad out of touch with modern devices
& technicalities of so-called advances in comedy…
What passes for humor is laughably amiss
picture-perfect perversion
in a land largely composed of young brats
to be weaned…

I’m quite fond of a blend of truth & conjecture
sweet-n-sour for the mind
my life choice
yet-twisted wit & perception of cause for laughter…


I’ve easily read more school texts than novels
preferring non-fiction
biography – philosophy – psychology
as well as
spirituality & poetry