Philosophy 101, Day One

Knowledge of the desired end
precedes the method
the means
the execution


Realization of Chance Advances

I put the right shoe on the left
and hope for the best
and ready to redress as fate would have it

I’m the first to own up to mistakes
rising not out of stupidity and haste
but resulting from a long list of trial and error
a necessity toward one’s goals
as accepting challenge would allow

I’m certain I don’t have all the answers
when going out on a limb to meet one’s destiny head-on
taking liberties with all due caution
putting one foot ahead of the other
in the mosaic of life as we live it


By Process of Elimination

Relationships have come & gone
each story relayed in song
searching for where we belong
learning as we lazily string along

In a world of limitless possibility
building up to self-same tranquility
taxing our powers of adaptability
artfully dependent on one’s flexibility

Pathologically eliminating competition
with a flavor of practiced diction
one moves closer to perfection
in matters of magic & illusion