An Open Window

I’m out of excuses & reasons,
the price too high to pay,
the cost of living equally offset
by the expense of everyday gains

Changing the topic of ruminations
to expectations full of doubt,
betraying one’s sense of denial
counting for nothing at all


Life is fraught with contradictions,
ploys for one’s self-aggrandizement
in control of all one’s faculties
and master of one’s domain



Were we born inductees to the service of god here on Earth?
It is as it always has been – serving a higher purpose –
Let us not misconstrue the issues at-hand
aroused by, and brought to fear, the incomprehensible
enemies of a state of peace & civility –

Obviously, we were never meant to love one & all!
And some sins can never be absolved –

For What Could Be [2013]

I have been mistaken
sadly forsaken
travelling a dead-end road
carrying this heavy load…

Misfortune weighs upon on my soul
the dice roll
the die is cast
this universe so vast
sees only my past…

With deep regrets all bets are off
the coin is tossed
in the wishing well
so here I dwell
as I tumble toward doom
no room for disbelief
no answer to my grief:
What is this noise inside of me
for what could be?