Overeager Beavers

Assuming facts not in evidence
– here’s mud in your eye –
Taking liberties without entitlement
– ignoring sound advice –
You snooze you lose
– living on borrowed time –
Planning & execution at stake
– prepare for fate’s strike –
Hiding under the covers
– you smother –
Abiding by fools’ rules
– meet defeat –

“Bio”… One Hell of a Time

I haven’t let life pass me by
unnoticed & nondescript
On the contrary
I’ve been a colorful character in a world of black & white
Made my living in administration of funds for the unemployed
according to government rules & regulations
– my job was held under protection of the EEOC –
as mentally handicapped & disadvantaged

I’m sure there was a sigh of relief & a celebration
the day I said “I’m leaving…”