Trouble No More

Preferring sunset to sunrise –
maybe because I’m awake at that hour, but not only

Preferring the Moon to the Sun –
where I can move easily about without the burn
& things appear in black & white

Common senses emerge as sentences
fear yields to the adventurers’ promise
entailing an attitude adjustment
& a blithe spirit



I had some shattering moments
– broken down by circumstance
I’d have died if not for the sake of my child
– a son I had to raise mostly alone
Murder-Suicide was an intellectual concern
– but never an option
What I mean to say,
“Don’t stand between me & my offspring”
– for that’d be a truly foolish thing

Happy Is…

I view the distant past with malice
– looking back on mortal acts with blame’s disdain –
Relying on my expertise & craftiness
– I cut & paste reality with skill –
Looking for the proper wrench to fit the bolt
– dismantling lock & key for the sake of happiness –
Walking toward the future, emboldened by successes
– dallying to read the warning signs as one approaches goal –