Lust & Life in General

The act of betrayal speaks of itself
– no movement before its time is ripe –
Save it for its proper moment
– not until it shines with purpose –

If I live to be a hundred
– will the life I’ve led hold meaning –
Or will I die destroyed by lust
– with little else that matters –



Upstanding & forthright
both honest yet deceptive
as seen by the discriminating eye

That the heart still believes
cannot be denied
substance comes before essence

Defensive or aggressive
conceptual to the core
lifting the curse from humanity

And that shape-shifting son-of-a-gun
stands ready behind
messing with the divine

In garb of deep forest green
I slip off into the dark
with much ahead to be seen

In the realization of a dream
well-rehearsed since time began
we’re sure to find meticulous design

Sharps & Flats

Now I’ve gone and ticked-off my psychiatrist
… oh no – dear me – mea culpa …
I’ve two months more to iron out my defense

The well-tended garden is not in my yard
Carefully pruned thoughts delight & amuse me
but this a most serious state of affairs

Opening statements will decide the meeting’s energy
Can I smooth the rough edges left when last we met
in a race against sorely-overrated karma

Day 8 of Restorations

The first seven hours, of the eighth day,
have passed showing progress
and groundbreaking invention,
although filled with disdain at the abuses
thrust upon the weak or the weary
by less than worthy components of the human race,
an activity certain to ready the strong of heart
sustaining the strategies incumbent to presence of mind,
while the best of the best tune in with the beat,
resounding the cry “treachery be damned!”