Soapbox Serenade

Speaking from my soapbox
finding it harder to think
seeking a link
between past & future belief

I’m a nut within a tuff crust
waging an internal war
for some uplifting thought
to pierce thru my thin outer skin


Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy passed away when I was just a shy child of 9.
My own best friend ‘til high school,
I was responsible for my own defense.
Siblings were the mainstay of my playmates.
Since then friends have come and gone.
Loyalties came and went.

I’ve spent a lifetime questioning
the validity of my choices,
struggling for comprehension of my plight.
If not for my son and Robert,
I doubt I’d have survived
the complexities of my existence.
And to this very day, I keep tumbling with the tides.

Steady As She Goes

Like it or lump it, I’m here to have my say,
improvising lines on the play-ground of life
in my most peculiar way,
trying not to appear bitter
& unwilling to conceal my inner strength,
milking life for all it’s got to offer
before I succumb to fate

And if pushed beyond reasonable tolerances,
I come back ready for a fair fight, clinging to my pride
until the worst is over
& normalcy returns to the kingdom

Delusion & Circumspection

In my formative years I paid a high price,
dumbed-down & incomplete,
looking for a connection from dot to dot
in geometric fashion

Sharpening my tools in the company of fools,
I moved from point to point,
never satisfied with questionable results
messing with my agile mind,
problems with no clear solutions,
by which I’ve been led
to my own misguided conclusions



The philosophy of animosity has me puzzled
to the extent of confusion & grief

I am my own worst enemy
slavishly victimized by time & uncertainty,
simplistically single-minded
& fundamentally misunderstood,
trapped by my memories of fearful longing
hindered by my seclusion & imperfection,
playing a childish pawn
in a devil’s game of chance & circumstance
raiding my adversaries’ camp
for leftover scraps of mindless affectation

Inner World in Flux

I’m shadowed by my nemesis
residing in my fractured mind
a living, breathing mentality
bound by a memory so long
seeking control
sometimes frightening
sometimes enlightening
all ways a nagging mystery

I’m a misfit puzzled by my infirmity,
a masterminded legacy of doubt,
a gun at my head loaded with blanks
a thankless piece of history,
a pardon suspended just below the surface of reality,
a living, breathing entity

Realization of Chance Advances

I put the right shoe on the left
and hope for the best
and ready to redress as fate would have it

I’m the first to own up to mistakes
rising not out of stupidity and haste
but resulting from a long list of trial and error
a necessity toward one’s goals
as accepting challenge would allow

I’m certain I don’t have all the answers
when going out on a limb to meet one’s destiny head-on
taking liberties with all due caution
putting one foot ahead of the other
in the mosaic of life as we live it