Eventfully A-Musing

The ghosts in my mind can be so unkind,
planting seeds of discontent & malfeasance,
while on the other hand
enhancing my twisted comedy with raucous laughter
although at the most inappropriate moment sometimes,
much to my chagrin & embarrassment
when in the workplace & beyond explanation
finally bringing on early retirement in crisis
after thirty-some years in government service
always battling for my rights on the job
… highly entertaining just the same …
and inseparable friends for life

It’s All About the ‘Whether’

As I lie awake in my bed
listening to the sounds
of the wind & the falling rain,
memories clutter my mind,
showered with doubts
about what is & what ain’t,
and what keeps me going
when the going gets tough
and I think I’ve seen enough,
another day begins
in the story of my life
and the challenges it brings
cheated out of my sanity
with resolve to be a better me
while hiding from my shadow