Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy passed away when I was just a shy child of 9.
My own best friend ‘til high school,
I was responsible for my own defense.
Siblings were the mainstay of my playmates.
Since then friends have come and gone.
Loyalties came and went.

I’ve spent a lifetime questioning
the validity of my choices,
struggling for comprehension of my plight.
If not for my son and Robert,
I doubt I’d have survived
the complexities of my existence.
And to this very day, I keep tumbling with the tides.


Enjoy the Calm

Growing old has its perks
But sometimes it hurts
That’s the nature of the beast
Strive for some modicum of relief
Best enjoy the fruits of youth

Prosperity builds on perseverance
Success may come in small increments

Love doesn’t grow on trees
sometimes it doesn’t grow at all
withering from lack of attention
to small details necessitous in nature
Best enjoy the calm before it’s gone

Bad Seed

I swore off the marry-go-round in ’92
– after three divorces, I’d had more than enough –
Robert never asked & that’s fine by me
– yet his love was mine to reap –


I was snockered on the living room floor
when tying the knot with the bad-ex #3
wed before a notary public girlfriend,
legal & binding & seriously foolish

I knew better but…
knowing the fruit was rotten, I ate it anyway
After the final beat-down, I knew it was time
to execute my exit plan

I typed my own divorce decree
& presented it in court
Bankruptcy was the last key to turn
– free at last to be the real me –