Time on the Mend

I’ve landed outside the poetry zone
stuck squarely in confusion mode
where words don’t come freely to mind
in a prison of ills’ invention
awaiting the outcome of time
well-spent in the healing process


“Bio”… A Cool Breeze

I dropped off onto another plane of existence
– on that fateful day –
Senses were heightened to a new clarity
– sight sound & smell intensified –
I was lost, without a familiar path to follow
– going nowhere fast –
Cards were dealt to me from a marked deck
– and I didn’t know the rules of this new game –
But I quickly learned to bluff my way thru
– and how to gain an advantage –
I suppressed my fears & the way became clear
– with a star-studded dose of reality –

Now the best of both worlds keep me on my toes
– ready to face the next challenge blown my way –

The Welcome Storm

Life can be like a picnic overrun with an army of ants
lovers in need of pest control & mayo from the local store

My skin is chafed by high winds a-blowing
in a world blessed with stormy weather

It’s been a time for strong emotion
complete with highs & lows & cataclysmic upheavals