The Ultimate in Spirituality

How should I begin to explain – am I alone in believing in the universal domain? Hard Fact or Good Fiction… [circa 1974]

I had been hearing song lyrics on the radio – and I understood. I was intrigued – and ‘insanely’ curious. In an attempt to find out what I could I paid $3 for a ticket to attend a concert by one such singer/songwriter, performing at what was then the Orlando Sports Stadium. The band was playing to a full house that night… I don’t remember the year, but it pre-dated any of my mental breakdowns (during and after 1976). I went to the show alone on what would prove to be a fateful and life-altering night…

I stared at the man intently with a scowl in my eyes, like “how dare you disturb my peace of mind?” He seemed to ‘feel’ me and returned my gaze, and cautiously raised a hand to his temple – I returned the gesture and two minds became as one… I was dumbstruck by feelings of intense pleasure from the Great Ocean of Time – at first head-to-head, then deeper, with emotions of tender shared sensitivity coursing through body and soul…

After the show I saw a roadie and asked if I might go backstage – he denied me the chance. I thought that maybe I should wait. I did wait a short while – the crowd was thinning and quickly dwindling, leaving the stadium half-full behind me and I was alone where I was, and feeling prone. I was confused and lacking in confidence that to stay would appear to be my only option – a young woman, not much more than a child myself, I chose not to be the last car in the dirt parking lot – I was driving a TR-3. I reluctantly turned and walked away…

That indelible marking quickly went to work in changing my outlook on life. And I know it’s true that my past cannot be undone – nor my wonder…


Role Rehearsal

Day has passed the halfway mark toward its end
and I’m on the mend once again,
having been terrorized in my dreams for a fortnight,
piecing together the shattered mirror
superficially distorting my image

And all the while I feed on potentialities,
observed in much the same way a well-groomed garden
cannot be denied praise in the naked eye

And I’m aghast with speculations of distrust
in the natural order of the ageing process
and its effect on the maturing mind
accepting wisdom as a gift to those fortunate few
who can accept life and death
the inevitable release into the hands of a loving God

Rationality & Reason

April, May, June & July flow in like a river
flows into the sea – completing a cycle
repeated throughout the mystery of time
supporting renewal – freshening the mind
beautifying the onslaught of the daily grind,
bringing challenge into proper perspective,
and one only need apply the words of the wise
to capture the prize of stability through reason
invoked by the complexity of Divine guidance

Call Me Crazy…

[a letter to my psychiatrist]

Picking up where we left off on March 20th, to clarify the issue of my insanity, it’s not so much that “I believe” as “I think” gods may walk among us and the world may undergo metamorphosis.  And I do believe that my philosophical theories may hold some validity in line with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the “Noosphere”.

Rationally, I’m a skeptic… I myself view it as seemingly impossible, and yet… I “entertain” the idea as a distinct and sacred possibility within the scope of Metaphysics.
And at the root of my craziest thoughts is a spiritual experience I encountered in the first half of the ‘70’s which I’ll not relay here.

And, with that said, I close…

We, the Sane

I’ll carry this affliction to my grave & for all Time
should I not achieve beyond my wildest dream
blessed with a wealth of experience & humility
well within the parameters of my every act

Wit & wisdom strike a blow for Humanity
reaching far beyond those feeble-hearted to comprehend
unwilling to take steps toward the unknown
and unable to partner with the concept of ‘Eternity’