I’m disgusted with these eyeglasses – vision is still a strain on my eyes… šŸ˜¦
I’ll likely be out & about dealing with the issue most of tomorrow – until when I can’t say…

I enjoyed my browsing today & hope to be back soon… Cheers, my friends! šŸ™‚


Mindful Hesitation

Sitting in an awkward position
combing thru my fears of retribution
with readiness & control,
the last strand of happiness in placeā€¦

I can afford to be bold with putty in my hands
fashioning clay into something unplanned,
unnatural by design
entirely mineā€¦

The Fall Guy -by Robert Gardner

Metaphorically trapped in the so-called dance
Of another fine and apparent romance,
He dragged a backpack ofĀ mis-information
Through a desert he called ā€˜the perfect vacationā€™,
With the best intentions and superstitions
To find the gold of better transitions
(But nothing an angelĀ wouldĀ callĀ ‘provisions’) –
Now assuming the past would linger behind,
Or if it appeared, would try to be kind,
He chewed the last of a melonĀ rind
And told assumptions to conquer his mind
And even his power to act and resist,
Then he stumbledĀ just once,
But the weight of his pack
Took him to the floor ofĀ a sunless cliff. Ā 

What It Is to Be Me

If Iā€™m a burden to your brainā€¦
If Iā€™ve made some costly mistakesā€¦
If I can learn to differentiateā€¦

If only I could pass the buck, higher up the chainā€¦
If only I had no past such as mineā€¦
If only I could see the futureā€¦

Maybe then Iā€™d have knowledge, sufficient to be me.
Of course no one knows to what end is lifeā€™s true measure.