Key in the Ignition, Foot on the Gas

Time to plug into the electrical receptors
in the dusk of another done day
You played well, my friend
hoping for top dollar at game’s end
Have worked hard & long
for wishes come true once in a lifetime

If you’re lucky in love, it follows
that life comes easy in other ways
Disbelief is not an option I savor
but what’s a girl to do in view of the past
afraid that I don’t have that answer yet
and what I’ve become is the reason



Before things might get ugly
I choose to do what pleases you
putting your needs ahead of my own
but acting in my own best interests to-boot
with you keeping a watch over my sanity
in this game of give & take
I play with you – my darling companion

Scruples are paramount to success
game-changing events take precedence
buried just below the surface of regret
among wandering intent
reviewing each motion to dismiss the charges
against the falsely accused
to keep me playfully amused by the daily grind