I was that child –
no sparkle in her eyes
no wagging tongue speaking
– instead, I listened –
– watched carefully –
adapting observations to parts of me
fortifying my psyche

I can’t get to the point
I’d choose to cross-over
for Father knows best
what to think
to consider
& what to test
blissfully stroking my ego

You were beyond approach
not ready to listen
& I had a car waiting
to whisk me away


Reconsider Me

I’ll be hanging around
should you decide you need me
to carry out your masterplan
silently stalking my prey
for a square meal at the end of the day

I’m keeping company
with my own thoughts
sharpening my tools on the past
afraid of my darkening shadow
living life on the bright side
farming for atonement among my peers
relying on common sensibilities
doing whatever is pleasing
while on this grand adventure
not unlike
a homing pigeon enjoying the flight
fulfilling a secret mission