“Bio”… A Cool Breeze

I dropped off onto another plane of existence
– on that fateful day –
Senses were heightened to a new clarity
– sight sound & smell intensified –
I was lost, without a familiar path to follow
– going nowhere fast –
Cards were dealt to me from a marked deck
– and I didn’t know the rules of this new game –
But I quickly learned to bluff my way thru
– and how to gain an advantage –
I suppressed my fears & the way became clear
– with a star-studded dose of reality –

Now the best of both worlds keep me on my toes
– ready to face the next challenge blown my way –


An Open Window

I’m out of excuses & reasons,
the price too high to pay,
the cost of living equally offset
by the expense of everyday gains

Changing the topic of ruminations
to expectations full of doubt,
betraying one’s sense of denial
counting for nothing at all


Life is fraught with contradictions,
ploys for one’s self-aggrandizement
in control of all one’s faculties
and master of one’s domain