What’s a Girl to Do

Keep your hands off the merchandise
if you can’t pay the price
Importance is a matter of opinion
wishful thinking won’t make it so
Put a cork where it’ll do the most good

Don’t jump for joy prematurely
for failure may lurk around the next turn
To stop thinking start drinking
and sleep on it before concluding
you’re in too deep for retreat

I must lather up, come clean, say what I mean
before it’s too late to set a date with the bank
for financial security

Viewing the Elements from an Unstable Angle

Scorched my buns rising too close to the sun
Bumped my head on a passing cloud of dust
Rusted my armor too long in the rain
Taxed my brain playing a witty game

Took chances, left with more questions than answers
Recovered my senses, rejecting pretenses
A devil in cunning disguise is still visible

Peace & enlightenment can be met
with acceptance of the cold hard fact
life is a gamble at best
Here comes the Judge
to pass sentence on the masses

It is with a sense of belonging
I meet each day renewed by sleep

Back in the day, I’d drink myself into a stupor
as the evenings passed quickly by
played like a sad scene from a moving picture-show

Now, it is with watchful concern for the living
I turn my gaze toward the uncertain future

Diabolical Restraint

I spring back with renewed vigor
when life deals me a heavy blow
and I’m feeling unavoidably detained
With love on my side I needn’t hide
for this makes one stronger by association

I sometimes lose confidence
and you lend me an ear, Dear
for my battles are not fought for myself alone
and won’t be won without strategic veracity
and a healthy fear of the unknown